Does your Windows have Office?

Microsoft Windows and Office are free for use on University-owned computers.

The University has an agreement with Microsoft that permits the installation of current versions of Windows and Office on any University-owned computer or device. Note that Windows and Office need to be installed on computers connected to the U of T campus network in order to activate and periodically verify eligibility. Contact us to borrow installers for Windows or Office.

You cannot install Campus-licensed software on your personal computer, however Microsoft Office is free for everyone with an Office 365 account, which is practically everyone working or going to school at U of T. More about that at


The Office 365 team has made the Microsoft Word RefWorks Citation Manager add-in available to all current students, staff and faculty. RefWorks is a citation management tool that allows users to keep track of the citations used in their research.

To install the RefWorks add-in, users should follow the installation instructions on this page. A full RefWorks user guide from UTL can be found here.