BIG NEWS: I will be joining the faculty of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Stony Brook University in January 2015! If you are a potential graduate student, postdoc, or collaborator whose interests overlap with mine, I encourage you to contact me!

For the latest information, please visit my lab webpage.

I am an evolutionary geneticist who explores the origin and significance of genomic and epigenetic variation in flowering plant species.

I received a Ph.D. in biology from U.C. Irvine in 2009, under the mentorship of Brandon Gaut. From 2009-2011, I was a postdoctoral fellow in Kirsten Bomblies’ lab in the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University.

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto. My co-advisors are Marc Johnson and Stephen Wright.

I hope you enjoy the site! if you have any questions and/or are interested in discussing ideas, feel free to email me at jesse[dot]hollister[at]utoronto[dot]ca.

Here is a link to my Google Scholar profile, and a recent version of my CV: CV_JDHollister